Study: From 2k to 10k Followers – Squares Creative Drives Social Media Growth and SEO Success for SAK Interiors


This case study explores the impressive growth story of SAK Interiors, a talented designer who leveraged Squares Creative’s digital marketing expertise to achieve significant social media presence and improve search engine ranking. Within a single month, Squares Creative’s strategic approach helped SAK Interiors expand their social media following on Facebook from 2,000 to 10,000 followers, while also boosting their visibility on Google search results.


  • Limited Audience Reach: With only 2,000 followers, SAK Interiors struggled to connect with a broader audience and potential clients.
  • Low Brand Awareness: The designer’s brand lacked recognition in the competitive interior design market.
  • Difficulty Attracting New Clients: Without a strong online presence, it was challenging to generate leads and convert them into paying clients.

Squares Creative’s Solution:

Squares Creative implemented a two-pronged approach to address these challenges:

  • Social Media Growth on Facebook:
    • Conducted a social media audit to analyze the existing Facebook page and identify areas for improvement.
    • Developed a content calendar featuring engaging and informative posts showcasing the designer’s work, design inspiration, and behind-the-scenes glimpses.
    • Implemented targeted Facebook Ads to reach potential clients based on demographics, interests, and design preferences.
    • Encouraged audience interaction through polls, Q&A sessions, and contests to build a strong community.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
    • Performed keyword research to identify relevant search terms potential clients might use to find interior designers.
    • Optimized the designer’s website content and meta descriptions to incorporate those keywords.
    • Built high-quality backlinks to the website by collaborating with design blogs and publications.
    • Submitted the website to relevant online directories.


Squares Creative’s strategic efforts on Facebook and SEO delivered exceptional results for SAK Interiors:

  • Explosive Social Media Growth: Within a month, the Facebook follower base surged from 2,000 to 10,000, signifying a significant increase in brand awareness and audience reach.
  • Enhanced Brand Recognition: The targeted Facebook Ads and engaging content effectively positioned [Interior Designer Name] as a prominent figure in the interior design space.
  • Increased Lead Generation: The improved online presence attracted a wider audience, leading to more website traffic and inquiries from potential clients.
  • Improved Search Engine Ranking: Through strategic SEO implementation, [Interior Designer Name]’s website climbed higher on Google search results for relevant keywords, making it easier for potential clients to find them.

Conclusion: Squares Creative’s data-driven approach to social media marketing and SEO significantly transformed SAK Interiors ‘s online presence. The targeted Facebook strategy yielded a remarkable 400% increase in followers within just a month, while SEO efforts positioned the designer’s website for greater visibility on search engines. This case study exemplifies how effective digital marketing strategies can propel interior designers towards achieving a wider audience reach, stronger brand recognition, and ultimately, increased business success.

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